Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prompt: Write something that starts with a “Screech”

There was a flash of bright red and my muscle memory kicked in. My foot slammed on the brake pedal and the unmistakable, ear piercing sound of rubber being dragged against pavement reverberated through the structure of the car. The glowing red of the break lights on the semi in front of me seemed to rush toward me when, in actuality, I was rushing toward them.

I must have been following too closely because within just a few seconds of hitting the brake I saw the front of my car make contact with the vehicle in front of me and watched with equal parts horror and fascination as the hood of my car started to buckle and then crumple like a piece of aluminum foil. Then I couldn’t see anything as my windshield shattered, turning into a random mosaic of tiny pieces of safety glass, held in place by an invisible layer of polymer. Then my view was obscured by an off-white barrier that appeared suddenly with a loud “POP!” My seatbelt locked in place as my head slammed forward and my face hit the fabric of the airbag.

It was the first time I had ever been in such a severe accident.

(I was never in such an accident. -Joe)

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